Interview with Antonie Potgieter from Tribulant Software.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am a 22 year old young professional located in North West, Rustenburg. I have a career in web design & development, specializing in several web languages such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.

2. When did you start doing what you do and why?

I worked in an image lab for several months which intrigued me towards web design work. I started doing freelance web design over the internet for several months before I launched a small, yet effective and rapidly growing web software company named Tribulant Software. These days, I work on new software packages, maintain existent packages and do work for clients on the side. I enjoy doing back-end programming and database management. It keeps my brain stimulated day after day and provides me with experience and knowledge on a strong theoretical approached field.

3. What are your specialties?

I work with web programming languages exclusively. Mostly open-source languages such as PHP and MySQL. There are many languages out there which I haven’t worked with and I often enjoy discovering a new technology which could improve the experience to users on the net. User-interfaces is my niche. I can build complex, dynamic user integrated systems with a high level of security and usability.

4. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

My main obstacle/challenge is finding enough time to do the things I’m responsible for in the business industry. Customer support requires a great deal of dedication and determination. Providing your users with great support and putting in both effort and time to satisfy them makes a business what it is. Have you ever walked into a store with horrible customer service without thinking twice?

5. What is your one killer piece of advice for other people in your field?

In my field, web development specifically, my advice would be that you should keep your websites as clean and simple as possible. You can provide users with a pleasant experience which guarantees a return. Advice in life itself… I’m not sure. Next? 🙂

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