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Address: c/o Kooperasie & Macleanstreet, Brits
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We perform a general body scan using a computerized machine where the client will be able to see everything about their health but one doesn’t need blood or undressing, but will remain seated and just hold a scan attachment in his/her hand, then a general report is got from the scan and we base our prescription on that. Our medicines are completely organic with no side effects and cure the cause and symptoms.

Our products helps for:

  • Immune boosters – Helps for HIV patients
  • Diabetics / Cancer / Skin infections / Joint Pressure / Drug addiction
  • Fibroid’ s / Eczema / Respiratory infections / Circulatory problems
  • Infertility in men & woman / Arthritis / Asthma / Allergies
  • High or low blood pressure / Alcoholism, Drug addiction / Ulcers
  • Diet Imbalances – We give food supplements…… and much more




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