The last stand

After being forced to resign as an officer in the LAPD following a disastrous failure of duty on his part, disgraced cop Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) moves away from the big city to the quiet environs of a small town on the US-Mexico border where he manages to shake off his bad name and settle into the job of local sheriff.

However, Owens quiet new life suddenly explodes into mayhem beyond his imagination as infamous drug kingpin Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) escapes from the FBI and heads, with a violent henchman (Peter Stormare) clearing his path for him, for the Mexican border via Owens’ town.

Now, Cortez thinks he’s on a straight run to Mexico and freedom, but he did not figure on this former city cop who is determined to right some wrongs and to stop the crime boss dead in his tracks even if it turns out to be his last stand…

Directed by:  Kim Jee-Woon

Produced by:  Lorenzo di Bonaventura

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