Hansel and Gretel – Witch hunters

Catching up with Hansel and Gretel (Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton) fifteen years after the traumatic incidents contained in their famous fairy tale, brother and sister have grown into expert bounty hunters, dedicated to exterminating witches.

Although still recovering from their ordeal at the gingerbread house where a wicked witch almost killed them, the pair have noticed that for reasons unknown harmful spells and curses do not work well against them. Consequently they have become famous far and wide for their proficiency at tracking and taking down their prey.

Because of this the mayor of Augsburg, Germany hires them to rid the town and nearby forests of an evil sorceress (Famke Janssen) who is planning to sacrifice local children at the witches’ gathering during the upcoming ‘Blood Moon’ night two days hence.

To make things worse, the duo also has to deal with the brutal Sheriff Berringer (Peter Stormare) who has taken power in Augsburg and conducts a very indiscriminate witch-hunt of his own.

Directed by:  Tommy Wirkola

Produced by:   Adam Mckay, Beau Flynn, Kevin J. Messick

Cast: Derek Mears, Famke Janssen, Gemma Arterton, Jeremy Renner, Peter Stormare, Pihla Viitala, Thomas Mann

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