Latest movie release – Identity thief – 26 April 2013

Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon’s latest comedy outlines the pains and travels of one unfortunate man who tries to get to the bottom of the identity theft scam that is making his life a misery.

Accounts rep Sandy Bigalow Paterson (Jason Bateman) finds his world imploding as mysterious and seriously high charges to his credit card start to mount after someone acquires his identity and the consequent all-access pass to his life. Sandy does not know who the fraudster is but he manages to discover that the person responsible is operating out of the Miami area, so he heads to Florida to try to uncover their true identity.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is enjoying her new lifestyle courtesy of the seemingly unlimited funds her new ID of Sandy Bigalow Paterson is affording her.  With the real Sandy’s money she has quickly become the queen of retail who buys whatever strikes her fancy.

However, as Sandy sets out to track Diana down he discovers just how tough it can be to get your own name back…

Cast: Amanda Peet, Clark Duke, Jason Bateman, John Cho, Jon Favreau, Melissa McCarthy

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