Ashes to ashes

Everyone must be born and every one must die.  This is the fact of life.  It might be a sad thought at first but we must accept that this is the natural order of life.  We went to visit the Rustenburg Crematorium to find out how things work when a deceased is cremated.  Cremation is becoming more popular nowadays because it is less expensive than a traditional burial and there are more options as to what to do with the remains.

“There are certain processes that we need to follow before a deceased person can be cremated.  We need a number of paperwork to be sure that the process is one hundred percent legal.  We cannot cremate a person or move forward in any way before certain things are not in place such as a BI notification of death” says Daleen Jordaan.  Joubert Jordaan took us on a tour through the crematorium.  The Rustenburg Crematorium is extremely hygienic and clean.  A very professional appearance is always present.  Joubert took us to the furnace, a mechanism that reaches temperatures of about 1200 degrees Celsius.  “Bodies are cremated in the coffin chosen by the family.  Only one person can be cremated at a time as the furnace only has so much space” said Joubert.  It was obvious that the bodies and remains are treated with the utmost respect and everyone that works at the Rustenburg Crematorium has compassion for their clients and the deceased.

Many people are sceptical when it comes to the ash of the deceased, how can I know these are the right remains?  Strict measures are followed to secure that the right remains are handed over.  In fact everything that happens at the Crematorium is handled very strictly.  There is no space for error.

The Rustenburg Crematorium is the only registered Crematorium in North West.  Not only do they do cremations, but they have other services as well.  They specialise in anything funeral under one roof.  They even have a chapel and a wall of remembrance on the premises.  For professional funeral services that are on standby 24 hours a day contact 014 5978441 during office hours or 073 903 4862 at any time.

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