The final official month of winter is at its end and spring is on its way. August was quite a busy month with many things happening.  It has been a great pleasure for us to see Rusties grow and serve the community in many ways.

In this newsletter we will cover:

  • New to Rusties
  • This Months Specials
  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
  • Rusties Bits
  • Thought of the Month

New to Rusties

Rusties would like to welcome the following companies to our site:

This Months Specials

Bookkeeping Fundamentals


Pastel Partner V12 Advanced


Great Accounting Services


Mark’s Autoworx Special


Tracker Special At Rustenburg


House Of Hair And Beauty Specials


Biltong Bar Vetkoek Aanbod


Matriekafskeid Pakkette


Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to these events on our events calendar:

Willerste Noordweste Fees 2013


Country Fees


Refinement Clinic Celebrates 30 Years In Rustenburg

Refinement Clinic 30 years in Rustenburg poster

Glam Guru Roadshow Met Hannon Bothma

Glam Guru Roadshow Poster



Rustenburg Juanita Du Plessis


Verve 2013 Woman Conference

 verve 2013 poster

Bosrumoer Festival in Zeerust




Past Events

In case you missed it, here are the events that took place during the month of August:

Rusties Bits

Rusties Promotions

We now have a new option to choose from. If you take any business listing or banner listing and you pay the full amount in cash straight up you get a 10% discount. Here are the once off prices:

Business Listings

24 months R1500 R180 Discount
12 months R970 R110 Discount
6 months R595 R65 Discount
3 months R330 R30 Discount

Banner Listings

24 months R8000 R880 Discount
12 months R5300 R580 Discount
6 months R3190 R350 Discount
3 months R1730 R190 Discount

Website Special

Take a website from us today for only R1100 once off and get a free 3 month Rusties business listing. This special offer is only available until the end of September so hurry.

Thought of the Month


“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now”  (Wise advice for procrastinators from ancient China)

Spring brings the winds of change. Everyone gains a second breath for the year and new life fills the atmosphere. Why not bring a little positive change in your own life? It is never too late. Maybe start working out, eat healthy, schedule time to relax or plant a tree.  The seeds we sow today will have an impact on the future and all it brings. Sow a seed of positive change in your life today and harvest the fruit of it in the future.

Remember to plant a tree on the 1st of September and help preserve nature.

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