The month of October is known as a beautiful month because of the Spring Season that kicks in.  We had the Longest Breakfast Table as community highlight which took place at the Waterfall Mall.  Rusties just want to welcome Kruislig Gemeente to the site and wish them well in the great work they are doing for the Kingdom. Please check out our new Rusties Ad Video that was posted recently.

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New Clients

This month we just want to welcome the following business to Rusties:

Clients in the Spotlight

During October we placed a few of our older clients in the spot light.  Please support our businesses in Rustenburg.

Past Events

Events that took place since our last newsletter was:

The Longest Breakfast Table

The Highlight of the Rustenburg charity calendar.  I visited the event for the first time since i got to Rustenburg.  What a awesome experience did i have while taking the video and photos of the event.  People from all walks of life came together to have breakfast for a good cause.  From businesses sending their staff to pastors and their church family enjoying the morning.  I had my hands full trying to get the “BIG picture” of the event.

Table going on and on and on for meters and meters. You will definitely get good exercise walking around this table.  The food that Food Worx prepared looked mouth watering and everyone was entertained by musicians and dancers from I-dance studio.  I recommend that next year you must put this event on your calendar.

Upcoming Events

Events that are still coming up are the following:

Interview with Helené Hoogenboezem from FAMSA

1. What is the purpose of FAMSA?
The purpose of FAMSA is to develop and strengthen families. Families are the core unit of the community. If there is a problem in a family it influences the community.

2. What is the focus of the FAMSA community development programmes ?
Is to strengthen the individual, because they are part of a family. The programmes gives the individual various skills to cope in their everyday situations. Programmes fall in the following categories: Life skills, Fatherhood, Parenting and Family Violence Awareness.

3. Who is counselled by FAMSA?
Any person who struggles to cope and feels he or she is stuck and can’t go further.

4. What does Employee Support involve at FAMSA?
It is divided into 2 groups. The first group is the FAMSA staff. They are sent on training courses to empower them to help the people better that comes to FAMSA for help.

The second group is Corporations/ Businesses that are helped by programmes and counselling in the work place.

5. What is the “Education for Living” programme that is done at schools?
It helps the student to handle different life situations that he or she encounters like conflict, communication, family problems, relationships, peer pressure and HIV.

 6. How is the work of FAMSA funded?
FAMSA is a non-profit organization and is dependent on funds from people and organizations that give donations.  The Salaries of FAMSA staff is paid by the Department of Social Development.  The office building is paid by Impala Platinum.  FAMSA also gets funds through charity events like the “Longest Breakfast Table” which is held every year.

From the desk of the SAPS

Captain Elsabé Augoustides
Commander:  Corporate Communication Services
Rustenburg SAPS

The Elderly Care Fund’s main purpose is to deliver a holistic service to all retired employees (60 years and older) of the SAPS and to prepare current serving members for retirement.

Retired former NW Provincial Commissioner, Maj Genl Solly Moloi is actively participating in all the activities of the ECF and is very proud of the fact that there are presently 5 (five) members of “Club 80” in and around Rustenburg.

Recently, ms Echaboth  Somphekwa, known as Lizzy, had the privilege of joining this “exclusive” Club, when she became 80 years old.  Her husband, mr Nthakeng Somphekwa has also been a member of “Club 80’s” since 2005.  The elderly all joined in the fun at Tlhabane House.  A present from the ECF in Pretoria was handed over to ms Somphekwa by Rev B M Mokoma.  Ref R H (Hezekiël) Khetsi , a retired Police chaplain, and the current chairperson of the ECF in Rustenburg, welcomed everyone to the joyous occasion.

A lovely cake (sporting 80 candles!) was baked for the birthday lady.  The Somphekwa couple are from Rhenosterkraal, Magong, Mogwase.


If you have been on the site of Rusties the past few months, you will see that we have added a number of video clips.  We want to encourage everyone in Rustenburg to send their videos of their happenings of churches, schools, community, businesses and any general event to Rusties. Please note that you must upload your video on and email the video link to us at .

Video requirements for videos send to Rusties are simple.  It must not be longer than 2 minutes (Highlight video) and at least average video taken with a tripod or just steady shot taken.

Please click on the following video links to see videos posted this month:

Photo Galleries

Rusties just wants to share with you this months photo galleries.

Quotes of the month

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”  Winston Churchill

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance.
Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you
love to do, be the best at doing it.”  Debbi Fields
Verse of the Month
Matthew 10:28

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.
Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Please check out and install the Rusties toolbar by clicking on the link of the toolbar image:

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