You can publish a business special promotion offer here on Rusties.

Special Promotion

At a low price of only R450 and we have a lower price for existing business listing/banner advertisement clients. The special will be sent out to hundreds of email subscribers and it will also be placed in the Specials category for a month. If you are interested in placing a special here on Rusties, please contact us today.

Benefits of Special Promotion

  • Email Marketing to 4500 local subscribers
  • Social Media marketing on Rustenburg.biz facebook page with 8500+ likes
  • Social Media marketing on Rustenburgers public group with 13000+ members
  • Social Media marketing on twitter
  • +- 30 000 visits on www.rustenburg.biz per month
  • SEO compliant – big search engines like google will find key words related to your business and lead people to your business listing, which can convert a lead to sales.

I’m ready to get started!

Fill in the form below with your details and we will contact you shortly to publish and market your special / promotion!

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