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List your business in the Rustenburg business directory at an affordable price. Please see our business listings contracts which you may download, fill in and send back to us in order to have your listing published right here on Rusties.

Why do I need to advertise on Rusties?

  • Email Marketing to 4500 local subscribers
  • Social Media marketing on facebook page with 7200 likes
  • Social Media marketing on Rustenburgers public group with 4200 members
  • Social Media marketing on twitter
  • +- 30 000 visits on per month
  • SEO compliant – big search engines like google will find key words related to your business and lead people to your business listing, which can convert a lead to sales.



Below are the prices for Rusties business listings. All listings, disregard the contract period, may be paid either on a month to month basis or in advance.

  • R140 pm for a 3 month contract.
  • R130 pm for a 6 month contract.
  • R110 pm for a 12 month contract.
  • R90 pm for a 24 month contract.

Optional Extras

  • R40 pm additional for a photo/image gallery.
  • R30 pm additional for a digital map on the listing.
  • R30 pm additional for a contact gateway form.
  • R40 pm additional for a PDF display (price list, menu, profile, etc.).



In order to view the PDF contract above, you need Adobe Reader. If you don’t have it installed on your computer, please download and install it for free.

Sign Up

Sign Up

Would you like to advertise with Rusties via a Business Listing? It is easy to sign up with our online registration form. Simply fill in the details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Full Name (required)

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Your Business Name(required)

Your Telephone Number

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Your Facsimile Number

Physical Address

Postal Address

ID / Registration Number

Please upload your business logo if available

Business description and services you would like to advertise

Please select the contract period of your choice

Would you like any add-ons
Photo gallery- R40 per monthDigital map - R30 per monthContact gateway (e-mail) - R30 per monthPDF display (Menu, Price List, Profile, etc.) - R40 per monthNone

Please select your preffered payment method
EFT TransactionDebit OrderCash Payment

Hereby I, the client, agrees on the contract that I have selected along with any add-ons I have chosen. This contract needs to be renewed or cancelled 30 days prior to expiry else this contract will continue as agreed upon and is subject to a 10% increase in the premium annually. Please note: This contract cannot be cancelled prior to the month the contract ends. Only a written notice letter will be accepted for the cancellation of services.

I would like to pay my contract once off and get a 10% discount

I, the client give Rusties the right to distribute information of myself, the client to third parties where necessary.

Please fill in the below CAPTCHA to confirm

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