35 Years of Electronic Repairs


35 years of Rustenburg electronic repairs

We all have appliances. Refrigerators, microwaves, tumble driers, washing machines and many more. But what do you do if they break? Well, luckily we live in a city that has a trusted, tried and tested appliance repair shop.

Rustenburg Electronics is one of Rustenburg’s oldest electrical appliance repair shops. Mr Danie van der Merwe Started to work from his house in 1973. Building up experience and his clientele, they decided to officially open the business in 1978 at 33 Zendeling St. Rustenburg. 35 years along the line and they are still at the same shop, delivering the same quality services, giving every client their money’s value.

The owners of Rustenburg Electronics say that they will always try to help as far as possible and that they are here to deliver the best repair services in Rustenburg. So whenever you are stuck with a broken appliance and need it to be fixed fast and cost effectively, give Rustenburg Electronics a call at 014 592 4339.

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