A celebration of blessings


A celebration of blessings

It is always nice to hear some of the positive things that are happening in our area.  One of those amazing happenings is the donation of a Toyota Quantum mini bus that was sponsored by Afrisam to the Môrester Children’s Home.

On Friday 08/02/2013 there was a celebration of this wonderful donation.  Môrester Children’s Home was established in 2004 and they started off with one house sponsored by Amplats and a hand full of children.  Today Môrester hosts 43 children.  They have 12 staff members working around the clock, making sure that the children receive the best.  It has been a long coming dream of Antonette Christian, a house mother of Môrester, that they would have their own minibus.  And that long time dream was made real by Afrisam.

‘Building our future together’, the slogan of Afrisam is not just aimed at bricks and cement but the community as well.  Tsholo Diale, the Corporate and social responsibility manager of Afrisam, said that it was their very big honour to give this donation.  They take great pride in giving to the community.  He also gave a message, “Keep on going on”, to motivate the Môrester staff.

Môrester  is more than a children’s house.  It is a home, a place where children can find refuge.  With this donation the quality of these children’s lives will increase.  “I really like it at Môrester” one of the children said.  It’s good to hear that there are many positive things that outweigh the negative.

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