A flavour explosion


A flavour explosion

Milaneza, one of the renowned names in Rustenburg. They are known for their exquisite pizzas and delicious coffee.  But that is not the only thing that is good, their entire menu is filled with flavoursome food.  Their staff is friendly and the restaurant gives a nice environment to meet friends.

We went there on the 18th of January. Unaware that we were there for a review the staff served us with zest.  We ordered a Sweet and sour pork pizza and it was a good choice. Filled with bursts of flavour it was simply a delight. Danie Flemming had the Strawberry White Chocolate milkshake “this is by far my favorite” he commented.

All in all Milaneza is a very good choice to go to when you are meeting friends or simply want to relax.  They offer good food, beverages and a very pleasant atmosphere.

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