A Free Television Service? Including ASTV


A Free Television Service? Including ASTV

With all the expenses of modern day life, it is hard to stay on top of it all. Everything is getting more and more expensive.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get something for free for once? Well you might be in luck. E-tv sister company Platco Digital has announced the channels for its free satellite TV service, OpenView HD.  OpenView HD, a free-to-view satellite TV offering with an initial 15 channels (some in HD), is set to launch in October and this means South Africans will never have to pay to get decent content again according to Maxwell Nonge, Managing director of Platco Digital.

Furthermore one of Rusties’ partners, ASTV, will be hosting one of these free channels on the OpenView HD. ASTV (Afrikaanse Satelliet Televisie) is a privately owned South African Afrikaans  television channel. The station is based in Rustenburg, South Africa. The channel was launched on TopTV (Channel 177) in October 2010. At the present time the channel is broadcasting from Sandton. They serve as a local and community Afrikaans TV channel with Christian values.

But what is the catch? All you need to do is buy the equipment. The recommended retail price for the dish, decoder and installation is R1599. After you bought the equipment the service will allegedly be absolutely free. OpenView HD is expected to launch in mid-October 2013.

We are extremely excited to watch this channel grow and reach more heights! South African media is growing and going places. ASTV is living proof of that. For more information on ASTV visit their website at www.astv.co.za.  For more info on OpenView HD go to www.facebook.com/openviewHD

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