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Biltong: A Taste of Home

As South Africans we have a proud heritage and a rich culture. Part of that culture is biltong. Biltong has a rich inheritance from pioneering South African forefathers who sun dried meat during their migration across the African subcontinent. The basic spicing is a blend of vinegar, salt, sugar, coriander and other spices. These were in abundance in the then Cape colony, as the French Huguenots produced wine and vinegar from their grape crops and the colony was the halfway stop for seafarers plying the spice routes of the east. Various brine recipes and marinades were created and handed down for generations!

The Biltong Bar is one of Rustenburg’s renowned biltong stores. The owners make their biltong themselves. They monitor and make sure that the biltong is of the utmost quality. The business exists for nearly 13 years now but the owners have 25 years of experience in creating their masterpiece. When we asked what makes their biltong such a success, they simply said that it is a secret and it surely is one worth keeping. They give a friendly welcome to anyone who comes near their shop. Currently their staff team consists of 16 people and everyone understands the meaning and importance of client service.

The Biltong Bar is not just focused on biltong. They also have takeaways such as vetkoeke, jaffles, and curry and rice. All meals are freshly prepared and they are so serious about delivering great quality food that they even mince their own meat.

Today biltong’s popularity has spread too many other countries, notably Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and now India which have large South African populations and also to the United States. Biltong is also produced within South African expatriate communities across the globe, for example in Germany and even South Korea. Biltong is a proudly South African delicacy, unique to our country and heritage enjoyed by all South Africans. Visit the Biltong Bar at Shop 12 in the Safari Spar complex, Arend rd or give them a call at 014 533 3781.

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