Adelei Jade – Up and coming


Adelei Jade – Up and coming

Rustenburg is full of talent. One of those talents is Adelei Jade. Adelei is an upcoming singer with a powerful voice. During our interview with Adelei we could see a bit of her passion for music and people. “If I can touch only one person with my performance and have a positive influence on their life, then I am happy and I have succeeded in my goal” says Adelei.

Adelei always had a passion for music and singing. When she was younger she received two offers from record companies but unfortunately had to turn them down. She performed in her school years as a hobby and became more and more popular. “I started to take things more seriously when I preformed at Rus-Oord one time. People came to me and asked if I had a CD that they could buy”.  From there on out Adelei simply blossomed and she is now happily working on her first album that will be released early 2014.

Adelei has a heart for charity and is happy to help where she can. “I just want to be a positive influence in this world, help people and make this world a better place”.

“The one thing that scares me the most is my own dreams. Sometimes they simply feel too big but that’s exactly when I know that I am on the right track” says Adelei. She aims to make a mark in the music industry. She is excited about the future and ready to take on any challenge given to her.

Book Adelei today for any event. She can perform at functions, weddings, parties and so on. For bookings call: 082 646 4906 or 079 649 2293.

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