Albert Etsebeth from Direct Studio

Interview with Albert Etsebeth from Direct Studio.

1. Who are you and what do you do??

I am Albert Etsebeth. I am a sound engineer and a music Producer. I also play bass guitar for the band Balzac Straat.

2. When did you start doing what you do and why?

Well I started playing guitar for a band when I was in Gr10 and after 2 years I went to COPA music college and studied music and music Production for 2 years. After that I build my own recording studio. The main reason why I do what I do is to bring a fresh sound into the S.A. music scene.

3. What are your specialties?

The things I do the best is recording bands and to play my bass guitar in the band on stage.d

4. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge in studio for me is when the band can’t stay in time with each other and adapting to new musical genres.

5. What is your one killer piece of advice for other people in your field?

Don’t hesitate to give your clients suggestions and feedback. Give them your honest opinion on how their production can be improved.

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