An Evening at the Films – Forsaken Screening


Rustenburg An Evening at the Films – Forsaken Screening

There is a new kid in town in the entertainment arena. Cross Kine opened in Rustenburg on 23 May 2015 at Agape Gemeente. Everyone was excited about going to this new cinema and even made sure to get their refreshments for the evening at the cinema kiosk run by JARS young adults ministry. Cross Kine kicked off with Forsaken, directed by Willie Olwage.

The movie Forsaken is a true story about a young pastor’s son that called upon God when his 2 year old daughter fell sick and eventually had to fight for her life. His faith in God stood fast, and he believed that God can and will heal his daughter. But time could become a man’s worst enemy! As his daughter became weaker and weaker, she eventually knocked on death’s door. The man’s faith started to fade away and he kept questioning God. The young father eventually broke down and gave up hope. With the Bible against the wall in an act of desperation, he called out that there is no God. For the next 30 seconds he felt what it was like without God. It shocked him back to reality as he experienced this cold, silent and lonely time. He eventually came to a point when he realized that if he weighed up eternal life to His earthly circumstances, that choosing God was a given.

This great film will be screened again for a last time on Saturday, 30 May 2015 at 18:30. Tickets will be sold for R35 per person at Agape Gemeente. Agape Gemeente is at 99 Cuckoo Avenue, Safarituine, Rustenburg.

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