Antidote to Tics and Fleas


Antidote to Tics and Fleas

Over the last few years, Rustenburg has seen a massive amount of growth and development. Ecotourism is one of those areas. Game farms can be found all around Rustenburg with the most amazing animals. But owning a game farm is more than just having it. You need to take care of those animals and make sure that they are in a good condition. Tics and fleas can easily become a problem.

Tics and fleas can cause a variety of problems and diseases such as Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Erlichiosis and many more. These diseases have a variety of symptoms and can be very dangerous. Some of these diseases can even result in death. With the price of game and cattle, you do not want to lose any animal to tics or fleas.

Johnny Walker has the perfect answer for this dilemma. The “Bushwalker Dipbak” is a feeding trough and tick poison applicator all in one. On the outer sides of the “Bushwalker Dipbak” are gutters that contain steel rollers. As the animals feed, their necks rub against these rollers, which then apply the tick poison, without disturbing them. The tick poison is absorbed through the hair follicles and spreads through the body for protection against internal and external parasites.

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