Armed robbery suspects arrested


Armed robbery suspects arrested

The Police arrested three suspects at Mfidikoe Village on Friday, 22 March 2013 at about 08:00 after they allegedly robbed and assaulted the SAB truck crew while they were offloading beers at a local tavern.   According to the witnesses it appeared that the suspects who were four at the time, wanted to rob the truck because two of them were already inside the truck when the crew first noticed them.  One of the suspects pointed the truck’s crew with a fire arm and a scuffling ensued.  The firearm fell out of the suspect’s hand and all three suspects fled on foot and managed to catch a taxi.

At that time the Police sector vehicle that was on patrol was informed and reacted immediately to the complaint.   The Police managed to stop the taxi and three suspects aged between 28 and 35 were arrested and SAB invoice machine and knives were recovered from them.

Police are investigating a case of armed robbery and the suspects will appear at Rustenburg Magistrates Court on Monday 25 March. 

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