Ascension Day

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Ascension Day

Ascension Day, a very important day of remembrance for all Christians.  On this day Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven.  Ascension Day is exactly 40 days after the Easter.  The name ‘Ascension’ comes from the accounts in the Bible where it is mentioned that Jesus was taken up into heaven.  Ascension Day’s meaning provides a sense of hope that the glorious and triumphant return of Christ is near.  It is a reminder of the Kingdom of God within their hearts and of the ever-present Spirit of God, watching over and protecting them as they spread the light of Jesus truth throughout the world.

The sad part is that many seem to forget this joyful and hopeful day.  Since Ascension Day is not a public holiday anymore we tend to overlook this significant landmark on our calendars.

Many churches in Rustenburg will be holding Ascension Day services.  We must remember this important day and what it stands for. Let us celebrate this day by giving hope and joy to other people.

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