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The world we live in is unfortunately littered in crime.  You hear about house break-ins almost weekly.  Safety is one of the essential factors that we need to take into careful consideration. Rustenburg is unfortunately no exception.  Statistics of April 2011 to March 2012 show that there were 1 391 reported burglaries at residential premises and 589 reported burglaries at non-residential premises in Rustenburg.  Looking at these statistics you would surely want to make it more difficult for buglers to enter.

We spoke with Hendrik Vivier who specialises in steel work and has 14 years of experience.  He makes and installs many security doors, gates and burglar bars.  “The strength of the security door or gate is determined by the design and material used.  Obviously a flimsy door made with cheap material will not give the best protection.  What makes a security door or gate weak is whether or not the person forgot to lock or close it.  A door is useless if it is not closed.  Many times you can have all the security in the world but it is useless because you are not using it”.  Will a security door, gate or burglar bars keep the burglars out?  “In the end the weakest part of your security in the house is the weakest link.  They will find the weak spot and they will use that to their advantage”.

There is a myth that the closer the bars are together the better the security.  Well a part of this might be true, ask yourself the question: do I want to live in a prison?  “The type of burglar bars, security doors and gates should be determined by the aesthetic value a house has”.  Many people install a security gate between their rooms and other parts of their house.  This splits the house.  So at night when you sleep it grants extra security and safety.  Especially if you are a heavy sleeper.

“All of this might not be enough.  I personally think that every household should have the ultimate alarm system, a small house dog.   When a stranger approaches the dog will warn the owners” Hendrik added.  You do not necessarily have to pay tens of thousands of Rands to bump up security, but you do need it.  Security and safety is very important.  We need to protect ourselves, the ones we love and our hard earned valuables.

For excellent security measures such as Burglar bars, fences, security gates and more at affordable prices contact Hendrik Vivier at 083 734 9430 or send an e-mail to hendrikvivier@mailoffice.co.za.

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