Crime Prevention Safety Hints For Senior Citizens


Rustenburg Crime Prevention Safety Hints For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens currently represent a rapidly growing segment of the population. They often live in isolation owing to the loss of family members. They may live in the inner city or neighbourhoods that may have high crime rates. Owing to their age, frailty and other factors, they become vulnerable to criminal activities.

It is the police’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all citizens, including the vulnerable groups. The community is, therefore, warned to take heed and apply the following safety hints:

  • Do not open the door when someone knocks at your door, unless you know who will be visiting you.
  • Have a through-the-door viewer installed on each exterior door.
  • If persons claim to be company representatives or service providers, ask that some form of identification or credentials be slipped under the door or through the mail slot. Call the employer to verify his/her name and the name of the business.
  • Refuse to deal with anyone who will not comply with this request.
  • Someone may knock at your door and ask to use your telephone to make an emergency call. Never open your door. Take the message and make the call for them.
  • If someone comes to your door that you do not trust or whom you believe might be dangerous, call your local police immediately.
  • When you return home and find your door ajar or if you hear unusual sounds inside, DO NOT GO IN! Go to the nearest telephone and call your local police or get assistance from neighbours.
  • If an intruder is in your home and is armed, obey instructions, do not resist or fight. Observe your intruder closely to obtain a description. When the intruder leaves, call your local police immediately.
  • Never carry identification tags on your key rings.
  • Do not leave keys under the doormat, in the mailbox or the flowerpot.
  • Your exterior doors and windows must be fitted with burglar proofing. A security alarm system is also recommended.
  • All exterior entrances, doorways, garages and even alleys should be well lit.
  • Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in the home and keep valuables, such as jewellery, in a safe deposit box.
  • When you are driving in your car, always lock your car doors even when you are inside, and keep your windows rolled up.

Always remember the telephone number of your nearest police station or Crime Stop number 08600 10111, or to call 112 on all cellular phone networks in case of emergency.

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