FNB PayPal Services Off


As some of you may know, you can withdraw funds from your PayPal account into any bank account using FNB.

FNB had a “PayPal Services” link on the left-hand side of the internet banking profile where you could then click “PayPal Withdraw” and follow the prompts to make a PayPal payment directly to FNB. FNB would then process the payment, convert it from USD (or whichever PayPal currency you’re using) to ZAR and then credit the amount to your 3rd party or FNB bank account.

FNB had a notice inside the internet banking profile yesterday saying that the request cannot be processed and we contacted FNB to find out what is going on. They said that they are experiencing technical difficulties and that they are working on resolving the problems.

The “PayPal Services” link and PayPal withdrawals have been taken off the FNB internet banking today completely. We are curious to know whether it will come back or whether there is something preventing FNB to continue this partnership relationship with PayPal for some reason.

If you have any comments, insights or information on this situation, please post below.

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