Home Alone: Pets Edition


Home Alone: Pets Edition

The holiday season is here! Businesses are closing and people are preparing to embark on their holiday journeys. Whether you are going to visit family, the beach or any other holiday destination, it is something to look forward to. However, what about those in the family who are not fortunate enough to go with you? Your pets that will be left home alone over the holiday season.

“Many people forget about their pets over this season. We see many pets that are left at home without food or care.” Says Martie Meuter from the SPCA. “If you are going away over the holidays, please think of your pets. Take them to a kennel or have someone who you trust, and who you know will not neglect them, take care of your pets”.

“Another big problem that surfaces over the holiday season is fireworks”. It is a well known fact that fireworks have a very negative effect on our pets, Even though you can’t stop your neighbours from firing fireworks, you can do something to protect and calm your animals. “Take your pets inside the house. There is also calming medication specially formulated for pets. We see many pets that try to jump over fences and hurt themselves because they become so overwhelmed and bewildered by the sound of the fireworks” says Martie.

Please remember your pets over this holiday season. They can’t take care of themselves. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of them and to ensure their safety and well being.

For more information, contact the SPCA at 014 592 3181.

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