Interview at Kidz Clinic


I had the privilege to visit Sonia from Kidz Clinic, who specializes is the treatment for head lice.

On arrival we were greeted friendly and very professionally.

I brought a client to her for treatment so we can wittness the whole procedure so that we can see exactly what this wonderful products of her can do.

Interview Questions

Afterwards I asked her a few questions so we can be more up to date with this great treatment

1. What made you decide to open this specific clinic ( salon ) ?

I want to make a difference to children and their parents. Parents have a busy schedule now a days and do not always have much time. That is where I come in….to help them to make it a bit easier for them.

2. When did you open your clinic?

I opened in April 2016

3. What makes your products unique to other lice products?

All my products I use are from Hair & Beauty. All products are unique. Always read the instructions carefully. Do not use pine gel, listerine ect. on the infected hair, rather ask a pharmacist if you want to clean it yourself…..or give me a call

4. How long does a treatment take at your clinic?

It all depends on the length and thickness of the hair and how much it’s infected with the nits/lice. Average between 2 – 3 hours

5. What is important for parents to remember about the aftercare of you service?

I explain to the parents step by step about what I am doing and ask them to do the same. Use a hair straightener regularly, it destroys the nits and small lice.

6. What is the most important advice you can give about lice?

Keep ALL brushes clean and do not share your brush with ANYONE .Wash bedding, towels, clothes, brushes regularly in warm water with pine gel. Also remember to wash hair elastics regularly… will be surprised what is hiding in there!

7. How often should one come for the treatment?

As often as possible. Remember it’s contagious, wash AND comb the hair regularly to check for lice

8. What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own similar business?

Please remember that you will be working with something that is contagious. You must really love working with children, have LOTS of patience and that children are their parent’s pride & joy – treat them as one of your own.

Contact Kidz Clinic


Contact details: Sonia: 078 105 1593 /

Address: 13A Selatirivier Ave, Cashan 4, Rustenburg
Working hours – Mondays- Fridays: 09hoo till 16h00 Please be on time.
Saturdays –  Only by appointment
Appointments must please be cancelled 6 hours prior to give someone else to fill the space

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