Interview with Dawie van Schoor (Agape Gemeente)

You can view the video interview here.

I had the pleasure of visiting Dawie van Schoor at their temporary offices in Brink street, next to Wiesenhof Coffee shop.  He is a very friendly person and a true child of God.

He was called to pastor the youth at MAD, which is part of Agape Gemeente in 2008.  The reason I visited him was to get the exclusive information on the Agape Jeugfees that has made it`s  mark in the lives of Rustenburg youth.

1. When did the Agape Jeugfees start?

The first Jeugfees was held in 2008.

2. Why was the Jeugfees started?

The people of Agape believe that when they start something in the community, it needs to make a impact and change lives in the process.  In 2008 they came to the conclusion that there was no event in Rustenburg that made a positive spiritual impact on the youth.  At that time they already had made a success of the Kinderfees for the period of 10 years.  They made the decision to take a step in the faith and started the Jeugfees in Rustenburg.

3. What was the focus of the Jeugfees?

It should be a event where the youth and young people must have fun. They must also have a encounter with God in a Biblical and evangelical way. They used bands, dance, drama productions and excellent speakers to achieve this goal and in the process changed youth lives.  Everything that is used during the Jeugfees must at the end of the day touch the spiritual needs that exist in the youth of Rustenburg.

4. What can the youth expect of the Agape Jeugfees in 2011?

This year Jeugfees is going big.  They  start with Step up dance/drama production. It is a first of its kind in Rustenburg, because the cast is all locally from Rustenburg and the aspect of multi cultural has been brought into the production.

On Monday Eddie Botes will be giving his testimony and speaking to the youth on drug abuse.  He has been interviewed in the past on DSTV channel Kwêla about his past tribulations as a drug addict and being locked up in prison.

On Tuesday the youth will be entertained by the rock band from Potchefstroom, named One Crown.

On Wednesday the dance/drama ministry Shekinah will be bringing the message in a unique manner. They originate from the artistic department of the Northwest University in Potchefstroom.

On Thursday evening will be the highlight event, namely Onbeskaamd. They are well known in the christian circles.  They have brought out 4x music cd`s onto the gospel music market.  Their music are widely used in churches for praise and worship.

There are also going to be some local christian bands on the Jeugfees to bless the youth with Praise and Worship opportunities.

5. What perks are there at the Jeugfees?

– It is FREE!

– Free hot chocolate and cookies

– You can buy yourself a Jeugfees Beanie and glow stick.

6. When is the Jeugfees happening?

The Jeugfees is happening 10 – 14 July at Laerskool Vastrap. It starts every evening at 18:00.

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