Interview with Helené Hoogenboezem from FAMSA

1. What is the purpose of FAMSA?
The purpose of FAMSA is to develop and strengthen families. Families are the core unit of the community. If there is a problem in a family it influences the community.

2. What is the focus of the FAMSA community development programmes ?
Is to strengthen the individual, because they are part of a family. The programmes gives the individual various skills to cope in their everyday situations. Programmes fall in the following categories: Life skills, Fatherhood, Parenting and Family Violence Awareness.

3. Who is counselled by FAMSA?
Any person who struggles to cope and feels he or she is stuck and can’t go further.

4. What does Employee Support involve at FAMSA?
It is divided into 2 groups. The first group is the FAMSA staff. They are sent on training courses to empower them to help the people better that comes to FAMSA for help.

The second group is Corporations/ Businesses that are helped by programmes and counselling in the work place.

5. What is the “Education for Living” programme that is done at schools?
It helps the student to handle different life situations that he or she encounters like conflict, communication, family problems, relationships, peer pressure and HIV.

 6. How is the work of FAMSA funded?
FAMSA is a non-profit organization and is dependent on funds from people and organizations that give donations.  The Salaries of FAMSA staff is paid by the Department of Social Development.  The office building is paid by Impala Platinum.  FAMSA also gets funds through charity events like the “Longest Breakfast Table” which is held every year.

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