Interview with Rochieta Boutique


I had the privilege to speak to Riana from Rochieta Boutique and this is what she had to say:

Why did you decide to be a bridal shop owner?

I decided to be a bridal shop owner because I love to make every brides fairy tale wedding dress a reality.

How long have you been in the bridal/dress business?
About 2 years

What is or was the most challenging part of your profession?

To always give my clients what they want and saw them happy leaving the shop.

How do you manage to handle difficult brides/customers?

I try and find out what the problem are and try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Are there certain dresses that work for certain body types and how do you decide or convince the client to take that specific dress/pattern?

Yes there are certain dresses that works for certain body. I let the client fit a few different styles so she could see how she looks in all styles if they are to ask advice I will be honest and let them know what suits them best.

Do you specialize only in wedding gowns or do you make formal dresses like matric fare well dresses as well?

No I don’t just specializes in wedding gowns I do wedding gowns, flower girl, bridesmaids, mother of bride and groom , matrix farewells, evening gowns for formal function.

Any advice for new or upcoming entrepreneurs?

Never give up on your dreams there will be ups and downs but it only makes you stronger. Build your business on the right fundamentals and you will be all good. Fighting the obstacle coming your way and you will succeed.

How can a bride to be/client  come in contact with you and how long before the big day must they contact you?

On custom made dresses about 4months in advance and if the client is not sure on what she wants she must come in for fittings as soon as possible so that she can get an idea on what she likes and wants in her dress.

They can contact me on one of the following:
Cell: 0740764889
Cell: 0723024882

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