It’s all about entertainment


It’s all about entertainment

Entertainment is one of those ever evolving industries.  There will always be something new, something fresh.  Technology can never be stopped.  From movies to video games, entertainment technology has become a great part of our daily lives.  But the industry and technology is much more complex and diverse then we can possibly know.

We went to Digital Revolution to find out more.  With 5 demo rooms filled with the newest and best technology set up to perfection, it is easy to see that it’s about more than just buying a television.  “There are two types of home theatre.  In the box bought entertainment system and a professional system.  The difference being quality” Johnny Smit says.  It is astounding to hear what should be taken into consideration before offering a client a system.  They need to know how big the area is where the system will be.  The height of the ceiling.  The type of floor.  The age group that will be catered for.  Even how many windows the room has and what the size are of them.  But most importantly what is the need of the client.  What do you want from the system? Will it be a home theatre, day to day use or for rugby on Saturdays?  “It is important not to just buy a system because it looks good, you need to buy a system that will suit your specific needs”.

“No matter how good the system is, if it is not set up correctly, it will never perform at its best”.  Entertainment technology is all about the finer details.  From the height of the television, even to the different cables to be used.  Everything needs to be taken into consideration.  “We place our speakers on granite slabs so that none of the energy goes missing and to give it that edge of perfection” says Johnny.

In the end entertainment has become more than just watching a movie on a television.  It is a passion.  It is safe to say you will get what you pay for.  If you are serious about the way you experience your movies, music or television you need to know that there is a great deal more to take into consideration than just plugging it in.  “When you sit down and watch television it is supposed to be a Goosebumps experience.  That is what entertainment is all about”.


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