Know before you buy

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Know  before you buy

A car has become something that people simply can’t live without.  Almost everyone makes use of motor vehicle transportation daily.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  There are also many places to buy one but what should you know about buying a car before hand?  How does the process work?

“It is not really a complicated process.  Much of the work is done by the dealer” says Henco Botes from Midway Motors.  “A good dealer will keep the client’s needs and budget in mind.  It should never be just about making money”.  The process is quite simple.  When you have found the vehicle you like you must bring your ID, drivers license, payslips for the last 3 months and a proof of residence.  From there the dealer will contact a variety of banks to find out if you are credit worthy and if you can afford the vehicle.  “We also want to give our client the best interest rate, we don’t want them to sell a kidney to cover their installments”.  That is basically the entire process.

“There are a few things to look out for.  Make sure that the dealer looks neat and professional.  The appearance of a dealer can say much about the service you will receive.  Also do your research on the vehicle . Who owns it, does it have a service record according to standards, what is the market price for that type of vehicle.” Henco added.  It is important to know what you are getting yourself in to. If possible get a second opinion before you buy.  Something extremely important is to carefully and thoroughly read your contract before you sign.   We have added underneath a table to show what you can expect from a second hand vehicle regarding kilometers that the car has done.  Henko suggested that people do not buy a car older then a 2004 model.

There are many cars on the market but unfortunately also many fraudsters.  Be careful before you make your final decision.

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