Latest movie release – Lien se Lankstaan Skoene – 10 May 2013

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Latest movie release – Lien se Lankstaan Skoene – 10 May 2013

This Afrikaans coming-of-age drama tells about a high school girl who resorts to begging to support her family and is produced by Gustav Kuhn and directed by Andre Odendaal.

Lien Jooste’s (Carmen Pretorius) life falls apart when her father is arrested for fraud and her mother (Franci Swanepoel) develops a drinking problem.  They lose everything and go from being an upstanding, affluent family living in a nice neighbourhood to a broken mess – living in a small flat and struggling to get by.  Due to her mother’s drinking, Lien has to take on the role of mother for both her mom and her younger brother Braam (Tiaan Kelderman).

Lien unsuccessfully tries to earn money working various jobs and then decides that begging might be an easier option.   She befriends Roos (Elise Cawood) and Tibbey (Fiks Mahola), two beggars who show her that her life, compared to others, isn’t that bad after all.  Through many trials and tribulations she learns to make peace with her circumstances and discovers that friendship, love, and forgiveness can heal many things.

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