Let children be children


Let children be children

Children are our future, they are the ones that will take over the baton and lead the world. We went to speak with the principal of Wysneusie Pre-primary School, ElnaTraut and talked with her about how the times have changed and how it has affected the children and how they educate them.

“In the old days Pre-primary had a much bigger focus on play time, letting the children be children. But today we have a big percentage of our day dedicated to academics, to help the children perform better in their future”.   The problem we discussed with this is that because of this there can be the risk that we are creating a generation of machines that only wants to perform and work. The key however is in the balance.

“Modern technology is something that we can’t ignore, we have to teach our children about it, but it is also about balance here; if you focus too much on technology it is simply unhealthy. It can cause children to have social problems and impact their social lives negatively. But technology is also a very good thing, things like audio books and so forth has a great deal to offer and can really help to teach the children”.  It is true that technology is positive in many aspects, but things like video games really have a negative impact on our children. “It makes them aggressive” Elna said. The key, yet again is in the balance.

“Parents will always be the primary source of education to their children in terms of moral values.” Elna added. We should take time to spend with our children; play with them and invest in them. Without that all important child parent relationship, there can be extremely negative consequences later in their lives. Children should be children. Let’s take the time to enjoy our time with them, because when they are grown up there is no turning back.

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