Lock it up


Lock it up

We all use locks and keys but sometimes they disappoint.  There is always the possibility that the key might disappear or break.  Locks can also break or rust.  Or you can simply lose a lock.  Exactly how safe does a lock make me really?  The key hole is a local locksmith business existing for nearly 30 years now.  With so much experience they are bound to give us answers.

First thing to know is that the keys we use daily is a product of mass production.  Ever seen the number on a key? That number indicates a certain key form and shape to unlock a lock with that key type.  “Sadly, locks are simply there to keep the honest people out.  If a burglar wants to enter your house, he will” Says Brian Gibson, one of the locksmiths at The Keyhole.  “Nowadays you cannot rely just on locks to keep you safe, you definitely need extra security measures.  The good old faithful lock will always be essential”.   It is of course always a good idea to replace old locks about once a year.  This is good for safety reasons and it can also help that you do not get into a awkward situation.

A good locksmith will always keep on learning and will always find a way to help the customer.  Make sure that the locksmith you use is registered with the Locksmith association as well as with the Security Council.  It is essential to make sure that the locksmith can be trusted at all times.  “Locksmiths work with a essential part of your security.  If he does not have integrity he can gain access to your belongings easily, that is why no locksmith is allowed to ever have a criminal record”.   So don’t just use any locksmith, make sure to have the right person.  Unfortunately we cannot trust everyone nowadays.  People are not as honest as they used to be.

We ended with a fun question: can a person really open a lock as we see in the movies? Is it that easy? “It might seem unrealistic but yes it is possible.  You do need the right tools to do the job but if you have them and the proper knowledge you could open a lock without breaking a sweat.  Luckily those tools are only available for Certified and trusted locksmiths”.  So make sure that you use the right people.  Those that you can trust.

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