Newsletter April ’10

Once again, the past month was very busy as always and as we enter the month of May ’10, we are here to report to you what happened throughout the month of April ’10.

Server Migration

We had some problems with our cloud server throughout April (and previous) months and decided to move everything over to a new server with a different provider. Since the migration, everything has been running smoothly and we feel relieved to have moved over. I wrote an article explaining one of the reasons why we moved – Why I left the Rackspace Cloud.


As you’ll notice in the graph below, our stats for March ’10 was quite high but it fell again in April ’10 due to server issues. We are working hard to try and beat the March ’10 stats in May month. Hold your thumbs.

New Website & Domain

We have been conspiring to work on and release a new Rusties site for some time now and after the entire server fiasco we figured that “change is as good as a holiday” and we published the new Rusties site. It has a new, more user-friendly interface and a beautiful design. It is much easier to navigate and use overall.

In addition to the new design/interface, Rusties also has a new domain/address now which is All traffic from the old domain will be redirected though so you don’t have to be worried or concerned that you will lose views on your business listing or banner advertisement.

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