North West Police Success


North West Police Success

The police in various parts of the North-West province were out in numbers in the past week, between 22 and 28 July 2013 when they arrested a total of 752 suspects for Contact crimes, Contacted related, Property related crimes as well as trio crimes.

The arrested suspects include 162 for Assault GBH and Assault Common respectively, 50 for burglaries, 66 for theft, 13 for rape and 53 for drug related crimes.  The operations also resulted in confiscation of dagga, 12 mandrax tablets, other drugs, 5 cell phones and copper cables. Five vehicles, 5 televisions and 5 firearms were also recovered during the operations.

Most of the suspects have already appeared before courts while others were expected to appear before various courts on Monday, 29 July 2013.

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