It is time for our monthly Rusties newsletter.  In this edition we have much content, because it is for September and October.

In September one of our main highlights was the Bizz-net Expo that took place the last week in September at the Waterfall Mall.  Rusties had a exhibit at this expo where the focus was to launch our brand new face-lifted website and brand new corporate logo.  There was also a Spot the Logo competition held to strengthen brand awareness among the community of Rustenburg.  Yokulindi Events also helped distribute our flyers at the Waterfall Mall intersection.

In October Rusties was blessed with a lot of business clients that joined our advertising database.  In one month’s time we grew with 2x marketing representatives.  Rusties welcomes Daleen van der Merwe and Shantoie Vorster to the team.  For more info on the new staff, go read their info profiles in the About Us section.

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New Clients

During the months of September and October the following companies joined the site:

Businesses in the spot light

Rusties gives our older clients the opportunity for more visibility by rotating them to the home page again.  The following clients made the Rusties spot light:

Upcoming Events

Rusties is inviting the community of Rustenburg to our upcoming events in Rustenburg.  Please keep tuned to our Events Calendar for the latest events.

Past Events

Rusties would like to thank the organizers of all the past events for advertising their events on our events section and making our website one of the most visited site for events in Rustenburg and further.

Kalakiri Country Show

On October 27, 2012 Lazer Refrigeration in collaboration with Kalakiri held a fund-raising in aid of Basileia Community Center.
The Show was organized and funds were raised for the charity.
Artists were Adelade Jade, Dalene, Dave Rider and Jody Wayne and they entertained our day with their golden country voices.

There was a variety of stalls and fun for the youngsters.  Rusties would like to thank Daleen van der Merwe from Rusties marketing team for assisting the organizing of the event.  She did us proud with her hard work.

Cansa Jail and Bail Fundraiser

It was a privilege for Rusties to be part of such a great fundraiser as the Cansa Jail and Bail event.  There was a lot of people that allowed themselves to be locked up in jail for charity.  The aim of the day was for the jailbirds to raise the money for their bail and donate it towards women’s breast cancer.

Danie Flemming that is part of Rusties decided to do his part for Cansa and raised a total amount of R2 100 for his afternoon in the jail cell. Danie has a great compassion for people suffering of cancer, reason being his father died of cancer a few years back.  We would like to invite people to support this great organization more, because of the important work that they are doing.


Rusties has the following specials on our site:

Quick “Go Green” office tips

My last blog urged you to get your Green Team together for your business’ journey to environmental sustainability.  How is it going so far?

Many businesses are worried that by going green will seriously affect the bottom line, but it is possible to start changing your environment and still make the budget!  However, remember that  the more people start demanding changes and environmentally friendly products and services, the cheaper these options will become.  But how can you and your colleagues or employees implement quick environmental wins today?  Consider the following (most of these are extremely obvious; we just need reminding from time to time!)

  • Think electricity – hair salons, workshops, restaurants… if you use a geyser, does the water really need to be so boiling hot?  Reduce the settings – make use of Rustenburg’s lovely hot weather to keep the geyser warm.
  •  On the electricity note – do make an effort and change your light bulbs to energy efficiency products such as LED lamps.  Please do not throw away your old bulbs in the trash – Builders Warehouse for example, has a special bin for old and used light bulbs.  Make more use of natural light by opening curtains and blinds where you can.  Remember to switch off all lights, computers, kettles and especially air-condition units when you leave for the night.
  • The display of pot plants (real ones) in offices and buildings contributes to cleaner air and has proved to influence people’s moods and productivity in a positive way!
  • Place the best quality doormats you can afford at all entry doors to capture dust and soil.  Not only will this keep the floors cleaner by reducing cleaning and sweeping – but it will improve the air quality as well.
  • Start replacing harmful cleaning chemicals with bio-friendly products.  The truth is – truly enviro-friendly products have no smell.  The “clean smell” you get from chemicals are actually the harmful fumes in the product.  Equip yourself with information on which products are safe to use.
  • Cut down on printing by setting printers to print back to back and start recycling paper!
  • Bottled water is a major contributor to the waste problem in the world.  If you do have a problem with clean and safe tap water, rather invest in a water filtering system for the office.  Some shops are now selling water bottles with built in filters. Try these or buy water in special containers with a tap and refill when empty.

The environmental problem is a collective one.  The solutions and actions to reverse the effects of our poor habits should also be collectively done.

Happy greening, and please send me your special quick enviro-wins at the office to One business advertising on the Rusties website, can win a 4-hour environmental consulting session in November!


UpFront PR and Communication Management (Hendie Grobbelaar, a passionate Greenie, is a PR and Communication Consultant who also specialises in Green Consulting and Green PR efforts)


Rusties is very proud of the great stats that we achieved during the month of October.  Please see the image below for the October stats.

October movie competition

Rusties is happy to announce the winner for the October movie competition.  The winner is Tammy Nel.  Congratulations on getting the right answer for the question.  The answer for the question was Adam Sandler.  The winner will also be notified via her personal email address.

Thought of the Month

” The real successful people are not those who have money or power, but those who can transform a breakdown into a breakthrough.”

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