October Newsletter 2013

Rustenburg has been experiencing a massive amount of construction. Various projects have been started and we can see clear progress as time moves on. October has been a busy month in Rustenburg with all the hustle and bustle of daily life combined with the sights and sounds of the developing city. All these projects makes it clear that Rustenburg is still a growing and expanding city. Akin to Rustenburg, Rusties is also growing and moving forward. In this newsletter we will cover:

  • New to Rusties
  • This Months Specials
  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
  • Rusties Bits
  • Thought of the Month


Rusties would like to welcome the following companies to our site:


Time and Attendance Clocking



We are looking forward to these events on our events calendar:

Sprokiesfees 2013







In case you missed it, here are the events that took place during the month of October:


Early Bird Christmas Special

With any business listing you take this month you will receive a FREE special or events listing. This means that not only do you get to advertise your business on our world class online service but we also advertise your latest special or event. This includes marketing and e-mails that will be sent out. This is a limited offer so hurry and don’t miss out!


If you take any business listing or banner listing and you pay the full amount in cash straight up you get a 10% discount. Here are the once off prices:

Business Listings

24 months R1500 R180 Discount
12 months R970 R110 Discount
6 months R595 R65 Discount
3 months R330 R30 Discount

Banner Listings

24 months R8000 R880 Discount
12 months R5300 R580 Discount
6 months R3190 R350 Discount
3 months R1730 R190 Discount


Take a website from us today for only R1100 once off and get a free 3 month Rusties business listing.

News Room

We are constantly looking out to bring you the best and latest news. We are focused upon bringing you local news accurately. If you know of any news please contact us and give us a tip-off. Please send an e-mail to news@rustenburg.biz. Send us anything local, we would love to cover the story.



We are the architects of our own lives. We build our future and present with the choices we make. Many believe that we are the product of our past and whilst that might be true in a sense, our future is determined by our choices and attitude. We can work for a better and brighter future, should we choose to do so. It all starts with a mindset change and a choice to be positive about what is going on right now. From there on set your goals and work for them. It is never too late to start building your life in a positive direction.



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