Panarottis is coming to Rustenburg


Panarottis is coming to Rustenburg

Rusties have great news for all the pizza fanatics in Rustenburg. Panarottis is opening at the Waterfall Mall in Rustenburg in the old premises where Olive Grove use to be. We interviewed Joanie Smit, one of the owners of Panarottis Rustenburg.

Joanie has a great deal of skill with 20 years’ experience in the restaurant industry. She lives in Centurion and is the Divisional manager at the offices of Panarottis. She told us the reason for her passion of the restaurant industry is because she can be herself. She feels that she is part of something bigger and has the support of a corporate brand behind her. In the Panarottis family there is space for each person can be themselves and brings his or her own set of skills and ideas to the table. This contributes to Panarottis’ bright future.

Panarottis focusses in being involved with the local community. One of their community projects is the Pizza Bust. They work together with the local schools and businesses to motivate them to elect a class or team in the school for the Pizza Bust. They must also supply the reason behind the Pizza Bust and whoever gets picked receives pizzas from Panarottis.

Rusties asked Joanie what makes Panarottis different from other restaurants. Panarottis only serves the best quality products and our focus is “Big on family” where we cater for the entire family with a variety of dishes. Everything on their menu is prepared fresh in the kitchen. Their pizzas are made with pizza flour imported from Italy. There are also other ingredients imported from Italy such as pasta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc.

Some of the items on the Panarottis menu are the Monsterito pizza and the Duo pizza (two different pizzas on one base).

Joanie is very excited about the grand opening of Panarottis, which will be happening on Thursday, the 14th of August 2014. They have been waiting for the right time and place to open up the restaurant. The food court of the Waterfall Mall is the ideal spot for Panarottis as they can connect with all the lovely families of Rustenburg.

At the grand opening of Panarottis there will be a pop the balloon with vouchers inside, colouring competition for the kids and the Thursday special of “Eat as much pizza as you like”. They will also offer an awesome kid’s entertainment area which is great news for busy children. Rusties ask that you mark this on your calendar and hope to see you there!

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