Petrol Attendants Strike Hits Rustenburg

The NUMSA petrol attendants’ strike has reached Rustenburg’s streets. It has been confirmed that there was a march on Nelson Mandela Drive (Rustenburg) today (10/09/2013) at approximately 11:00 am. Hundreds of people dressed in red marched along the street supporting the strike.

Workers cannot bear the brunt of the global economic crisis, National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) general secretary Irvin Jim said in Randburg on Monday 09/09/2013. Petrol attendants and car repair workers affiliated to the union began a nationwide strike on Monday 09/09/2013. Non-NUMSA affiliates were also urged to join the strike.

The union has demanded, among other things, a R30 an hour across the board increase by 2016 on actual rates of pay in all sectors and divisions of workers earning above R6 000 a month. The Fuel Retailers’ Association and the Retail Motor Industry were given only 48-hours notice of the strike.

Today (10/09/2013) the strike continued through the streets of Rustenburg and some petrol stations have been seen with only one attendant. No reports of violent behaviour during the strike have been reported yet.


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