Pregnancy Awareness Week


Pregnancy Awareness Week

It is Pregnancy awareness week at Fern crest Hospital.  On Friday the 15/02/2013 they hosted a awareness campaign day from the morning up until 1 Pm.  Everything about pregnancy and baby care.  There was stalls and talks about pregnancy, an entire tour to educate and help women to know what to expect and how to handle situations.

One of the talks given was about how to handle a situation such as when the baby chokes or does not breath.  CPR on a baby.  When the baby chokes and does not breathe, there are three “H” steps that can help in such an emergency: Hazards, Hello and Help.  Hazards basically mean that you need to look around quickly for the cause.  Perhaps it can be something like water or an open electrical point. Anything that can be a potential hazard.  After you have found out what the cause of the incident was, you need to see if the baby is responsive.  This is the hello part.  The best way to see if the baby is responsive is to touch the bottom of the foot.  The reason for this is because that is the most sensitive place on a baby’s body.  After that comes help where you need to speed dial your local hospital, ambulance or emergency room.  All of this must happen very quickly because any time wasted can be fatal for the baby.  If the baby chokes then you should turn him or her on the stomach and give 5 slaps on the back.  Not too hard but enough to help for choking.  Then turn the baby around and do the same but just below the chest.

There were countless more talks, giving important and valuable information.  There was also a competition where prizes were given away.  But the big prize sponsored by Netcare is a free baby delivery valued at R50 000.  This prize covers the delivery and a privet room for the mother.  It excludes any complications that might arise.  The winner will be announced on the 28 February 2013.

Knowledge is power.  It is really important to know as much as you can before your baby arrives.  It is wonderful to see how many mothers participated in this valuable event.


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