Quantum hijacked in Rustenburg


Quantum hijacked in Rustenburg

We are all aware of the dangers that lurk all around us.  Hijackings is one of those dangers that we should be so wary about.

Police in Rustenburg have registered a case of car–hijacking after five unknown men and a woman who on Saturday, 25 May 2013 at about 05:00 in the morning hijacked a 26 year old victim of his Toyota Quantum vehicle, with registration number: HSD 927 NW.

The victim was allegedly driving along Bethlehem and Oliver Tambo streets in Rustenburg when he was stopped by the suspects at a local garage, asking for a lift to Mfidikwe in Marikana.  At one of the hitch hiking spots in the area the suspects pointed a firearm at the victim and ordered him to stop and get off the driving seat.  The suspects allegedly tied his hands with a rope before driving away with him  still in the vehicle.   Suspects allegedly ordered the victim to disembark when they reached Rustenburg North and drove off with his vehicle.

The suspects are still at large and police are investigating.  Police are appealing to the public, to alert the nearest police station when they notice the mentioned vehicle.  Should you have any information, or do see a vehicle matching this number plate please let your local police know immediately.   Always be safe and think ahead.  Lock your doors and try to avoid dangerous areas at night.  Look around you at stop streets and robots all the time to make sure that you do not get caught off guard and be sure to have the numbers of the police and ambulance on your speed dial.

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