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I had the privilege to be invited to be the first to try out the new Mirre Callus Remover Pedi at Charmant. I was sceptical, because I have tried many ‘wonder heel balms’ for my heels and dry skin and nothing seemed to work.

I arrived at Charmant salon and was greeted with a smile and a nice cup of coffee.

All excited I sat down for the pedi, my feet were soaked for 10 minutes in luke warm water with Willa Krause’s Foot Soak, it removes al the loose skin while you slowly move your feet in die foot spa.

After 10 minutes  she rubbed it dry and apply the Willa Krause’s Callus Remover on my feet, wrapped it in cling wrap and I sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the cling wrap is being removed and left to dry completely. She then starts to file my feet, and WOW you can literally see the dead skin roll of your feet, leaving your feet and heels without even one crack.

Then the Willa Krause’s massage candle’s wax was use to massage  the areas that have been filed, leaving your feet soft and without a trace of any cracks on.

Petro said if your feet are badly cracked you need to do this amazing pedi every 2 weeks, there after only once a month. So ladies…..and gents, what are you waiting for? Book your Mirre Callus Remover Pedi at Charmant today.

Petro will see me for sure for my next Mirre Callus Remover Pedi very soon. Thank you Petro and Monya for the great treat. My feet looks and feel amazing.

You can contact Petro @ 072 540 9606 to make an appointment.

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