Rosemary’s kitchen – A unique Taste


Rosemary’s kitchen – A unique Taste

Ever wanted to go to a totally unique coffee shop but could not find one in Rustenburg? Have you considered Rosemary’s Kitchen? Situated in  37 Von Wielligh Street next to the Medicross centre in the heart of Rustenburg. It is has a peaceful and creative vibe. Inside Rustenburg, but far away from it as well.

One of their trade mark meals is their Quiche.  Simply delicious and it gives you that taste of home. Freshly made and flavourful this is simply a must eat.  Rosemarie’s Kitchen offers that special vibe that is comfortable for meetings, nice for a friend’s gathering and great for quickly slipping away during your lunch break. You will feel revived and peaceful after a visit.

Not only are they a coffee shop, but they also host and cater for events such as bridal showers, kitchen teas, birthdays and any other thing you can think of. Costumers have the choice to eat from the set menu, but literally anything can be prepared for an event if ordered upfront.  They also have things like homemade chicken pie, bobotie and their renowned pancakes filled with all sorts of fillings.

This is simply an amazing place to go if you are in the mood for something different.  It has that unique touch that will keep you coming back.


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