Rustenburg Job Listings

Good day everyone!

We launched Rustenburg job & vacancy listings on . View all available positions here:

We teamed up with a company in Rustenburg called Pro Personnel to publish our first set of 15 jobs which is to be updated weekly!

Applying for a Rustenburg job doesn’t require a lengthy form or a complicated procedure. It is as simple as clicking on the Apply Now button beneath your desired job(s) and just filling in your name, number, email address and uploading your CV. You can upload your CV in MS Word or PDF format.

If you are unemployed or you are seeking for a more rewarding opportunity, go to our Rustenburg job listings on and see what is available. There is something for everyone, guaranteed! Whether you have a degree or not, you will find something.

Just submit your name, number, email address and CV which will be sent through exclusively and confidentially to the recruitment/employment agency(ies). We ( don’t read your job applications. The agencies will get them directly and give you a call ASAP!

Have fun and I wish you all the most pleasant job hunting experience. Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever.

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