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We are proud to announce that the Rustenburg website is now online and available for use. We hope that you enjoy the Rustenburg website and we are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and requests.

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Rusties Website Launched

We worked hard for several weeks and launched the Rustenburg community website about a week ago. It will consist of business listings, interviews, advertisements, photo gallery and community forums to start off with.

There are several ideas in circulation though such as job listings, events, properties and much, much more. We appreciate your support and feedback as the Rusties base develops into an essential, information rich directory with all the information anyone could possibly want on Rustenburg.

If you like what we’re doing and you are interested in getting involved, please subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed in order to stay up to date with the latest happenings and content. The newsletter subscription box is in the top left-hand part of the website. Simply fill in your email address and click “Subscribe Now” to get all the latest content directly in your email inbox. Yes, just like this article!

So its all good and well. We launched a website for the Rustenburg community but what is the purpose? Exposing your business and exploiting all opportunities! We advertise and market your business for you and in return you pay us for our services.

How do we market your business? We are currently mainly focused on targeting the web and its users. First and most importantly, we do search engine optimization (aka SEO) to ensure that keywords and phrases related to your business is at the top of the rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Cuil, etc. to drive more and more traffic to the Rusties website. Another method of advertising your includes email and viral marketing. We build up a solid list of email subscribers whom are interested in getting updates about Rustenburg. On a weekly basis, we send out a newsletter with the latest happenings, businesses, interviews and much more where you will be mentioned if you advertise with us.

What does it cost you? There are two methods of advertising your business.

The first consists of putting a page on our website with information about your business in our business directory. The page will contain your business name, contact details, business address, an optional photo gallery for your business and any other information you would like to put on it. This will cost you from R50 a month upwards for the page and a spot in the business directory. Optional extras are available. Bargain, don’t you think!?

The second advertising approach starts from R70 a week upwards and will book you a permanent banner spot on the site which will be displayed on all the pages of the website, either above the content, below the content or in the side(s) of the layout. These will also be used in newsletters.

For more information, queries and requests, please send us a message.

Interview with Martin Strydom

Our very first interview featured Martin Strydom from Milaneza. We came to the conclusion that it would be a good starting point since he is a friend and a rather open-minded extrovert. He took the interview as an opportunity to tell us more about himself and what he does for a living.

In case you wondered “Why Milaneza?”. It is because they have great coffee. I have to admit it. Its all about the caffeine. The second motive would be the fact that the one in town (Rustenburg Square area) is centrally located with an open porch where you can unwind and watch both the traffic and people pass by.

The interviews are becoming more and more interesting. We did an interview earlier on today which will be published in the next newsletter. Apart from the ones we did, there are several of them lining up and waiting to be tackled.

Remember, if you live in the Rustenburg area and you feel that you would like to do an interview with us in order to tell the community more about yourself and your business, please contact us for more information.

Tip of the week

I wouldn’t want to make any accusations or offend anyone but I’ve witnessed some terrible driving here in Rustenburg over the past few months. Not only horrendous driving but shocking accidents around the Rustenburg area. Who would want to get involved in a crash? No one! It hurts pretty badly and it results in a high level of stress for both you and the other party – or the tree, curb or wall.

In short, the tip of the week is that you should put in additional effort and concentration when you get onto the road. Look around you, drive considerately and use your signals as they were intended for. Need to show off your new car or bike and see how fast it can go? No problem, there is a freeway and a highway to do that on, just don’t let the cops catch you or you’ll face a serious penalty. Even better, don’t do it at all!

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