Rusties Newsletter October ’09

The month of October was a great month here for Rusties as we achieved the goals we set for Rusties and for each of our team members individually. The business opportunities came along as Rusties grew and so did the exposure to our clients. We published some charities and gained several new clients as well.

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  • New Clients
  • Specials & Events
  • Traffic Stats
  • Charities & Non-Profit

New Clients

Again, we signed a bunch of new clients during the month of October ’09 just as we’ve been doing in the past months. As a result of publishing these businesses and marketing their keywords/phrases we have already received positive feedback from some of them.

Specials & Events

If you want to publish a special or event on Rusties at a very affordable price, please contact us or just call Luke directly on 082 053 6608. All specials and events are put on the website for all visitors/users to see and they are also sent to 1100+ email subscribers. Events are placed in our events calendar as well. Posting a special/event costs only R200!

October/November Specials

Our Rustenburg clients always have amazing special offers and promotions to all consumers out there. Have a look at these great offers.

Upcoming Events

If  you are interested in knowing what is happening in Rustenburg, see the events below. You can also check our events calendar on the Rusties website.

Traffic Stats

We decided that it is time for us to share our traffic statistics on Rusties with all of you out there. Have a look at the graph below. The graph shows the traffic for the past 6 months. Each dot represents the number of unique visitors on the Rusties website for that month, starting from May ’09 going all the way through to October ’09. You will notice that the statistics drastically increased every month.



All charities and non-profit organizations in Rustenburg get a free business listing right here on Rusties. If you have a charity or a non-profit organization, please contact us in order to advertise at no charge. Here are some charities we published throughout the month of October.

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