Tech News: A tablet?


Tech News: A tablet?

Most of us are totally reliant on a computer to complete our daily tasks. Without them we will be totally lost.  There has been a great amount of progression from a desktop ‘Personal Computer’ (PC) to a laptop.  From a laptop to a notepad and now Tablet computer. Tablets are flooding the market. Being more user-friendly and faster than traditional computers they are a great hit with the new and old generation.  Adam Kotlinski from PcWorks made it clear that tablet computers are here to stay and they will be taking over the role of traditional computers in the near future.

“They are so simple to use, you do not have to constantly start them up and shut them down and there are hundreds of downloadable applications for any task you can think of” says Adam.  Google is claiming to have about 170,000+ applications available for the Android operating system.  A tablet computer or simply tablet, is an one-piece mobile computer.  They are operated via a touch screen input, in other words no mouse or keyboard. You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard if you like to type on a physical keyboard. “These devices are totally mobile and much smaller than laptops.  You can carry them any ware and use them instantly”.

We asked Adam what tablet he would recommend.  His reply was instant: the Asus Transformer Pad.  “It’s fast, with a quad core processor, it’s comfortable to use, it has stunning visual performance with its top of the range screen and it is stylish.”  The Asus Transformer Is just one of the many options you can choose from.  Tablets come in a wide variety of prices and sizes.

All in all I would recommend anyone to get a tablet computer.  They can really make your life simpler.  You can watch movies on them, buy and download e-books to read, list all your important appointments on its calendar, always have a calculator and notepad nearby and even check your emails and social media accounts on the run.  Technology is certainly making our lives easier and more fun.

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