The Croods Movie Review


The Croods Review

A family story about, well, a family.  This animated feature takes us on a adventure of a prehistoric family living as cavemen.  They are used to spend their lives in a cave and go out of the cave only to hunt for food.  After their hunt they always return to the darkness of the cave because it is safe.  Like any father Grug (Nicholas Cage) wants to protect his family.  When his adventurous daughter Eep becomes curious about the world things starts to change.  She meets a nomad called Guy who introduces her to fire.  It’s not long after that when they are faced with a very real threat, the apocalypse.  The story follows as they do their best to survive in a strange world.

As far as animated movies go, this one was simply brilliant in terms of entertainment.  Fun filled with a deep story line and plentiful and appropriate humor.  The world that the Croods find themselves in is original and gives you that feeling that you really are part of the adventure.  Cartoony visuals suck you even deeper into the story.  I have to admit that at the end of the film I let a tear or two slip from my eyes.

With an original story and appropriate characters this movie is one not to miss.  Fun for the entire family and definitely one of those films that take your mind off the usual every day stress.  There is also a great lesson behind it all.  The film does not use corny methods to bring over the message, it is delivered to the viewer in a humoristic and original way.  We give this movie 7 out of 10. You have not yet seen anything like this before.

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