The Good Samaritan of Rustenburg

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The Good Samaritan of Rustenburg

Rusties interviewed Mrs. Naomi Kleinschmidt Pasino from Staan saam Rustenburg. In light of everything that is happening around Rustenburg, we thought of chatting to her about the great work they are doing under the needy people of Rustenburg.

She is such a friendly and down to earth lady with a heart of gold. Naomi gave Rusties a little background information on how their organisation started. Staan saam Rustenburg is actively run as an Article 21 company (non- profit organisation) for the past 7- 8 months. They started with the focus of teaching the people of the Rustenburg community to stand together and help each other where there is a need. A community watch was initiated on Facebook to report accidents, crime happenings and tip-offs to protect and help the community. The members of Staan saam also did patrols of the different areas in Rustenburg.

On the Facebook group people started posting needs of community members for food and clothing. As the needs came in, people gave a helping hand with donations. Naomi says that she gives God all the glory for the things that had been done at Staan Saam Rustenburg.

Then the mine strike hit Rustenburg and the needs of the needy escalated to high numbers. She says that they help on average 100- 200 people daily with food and clothes.

Dauw Labuschagne and Carlo Pasino are functioning as directors of the organisation.

For info on Staan saam Rustenburg and to extend a helping hand, contact the following people:

Juanita – 083 444 6391
Adri– 072 787 2550




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